Cover Reveal - Nancy Straight's "His Frozen Heart"

This book will make you melt! I wanted to tell every one how much I loved this story! I have the privilege of being a part of Nancy’s Beta team, so I received an advanced copy to review. 

This story is different from her other stories as there is no paranormal aspect to this one. But Nancy’s superb writing continues to shine through and as an author, she has really come into her own. This title represents Nancy’s 8th book and she just keeps getting better and better. 

This tale centers around Candy. Her friend and roommate Libby is great at pool and wagers on games to help put food on the table. When a bet goes wrong one night, Candy finds her world turned upside down as suddenly her friend has been attacked and the attacker is now after her. 

As Candy tries to find Libby’s attacker before he finds her, she runs across an old friend, Dave. As she and Dave reconnect, Candy starts to realize that Dave’s past is not what she thought it was. Dave can either be the answer Candy needs in her life or the source of her nightmares. Will she uncover the facts she needs before it’s too late? (You’ll have to read to find out!)

I flew through this book and couldn’t put it down. His Frozen Heart is definitely a page turner and a must read for fans of suspenseful romance. Also, if your a fan of Nancy Straight, this is a must have for your collection! Pre-orders are available now for Kindle. The release is slated for November 9, 2014 and I would safely assume it should be available for Nook on the release date too. 

Also, for anyone who doesn’t know, Nancy has released audio versions of her first two series, Destiny Series and Touched Series, on Audible. The first book in each series is on sale, so go grab them and listen to Nancy’s books when you can’t sit down to read them.


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