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If you are an author, publisher, or any other representative of the book world and would like to contact me, please fill out the form below.

My blog may be the perfect place to promote an upcoming release, reveal a new book cover, or otherwise get information about your book out to my readers.

While I'm happy to review your request and open my blog up for use (after all, I probably want to know about your book too!), I may not be able to approve all requests.

Reasons for denial can be because your book does not fit into the genre I typically show on my blog. However, you can probably see that my blog covers various book genres, so please feel free to submit your request, even if you think it may not fit. You never know, your book may cover a genre my blog hasn't discovered yet!

Another reason for denial is that I may already be booked for the date you are requesting. In your request, please list your primary requested post date and provide an alternate date or two in case I'm booked up but you still would like me to post if I can on a different day. Pre-made HTML is always welcomed!

Thank you!

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