Me and the People I Love!

Welcome everyone and thanks for visiting my blog!

A little about me: I'm a fan of YA and NA Paranormal and Non-paranormal romance (I blame my sister Kelly for getting me hooked and my best book friend Melissa for keeping the fire stirred!). I also love a good mystery and the occasional adult contemporary.

This year, I attended UtopYA for the first time so I could meet my absolute favorite author Nancy Straight. While I was there, I made so many new friends (my book wife Tammie!) and found new favorite author's (Stacey Marie Brown, S.M. Boyce, Michele G. Miller) that I wanted to find a way to share my love of all these people!

I also met some really awesome cover models like Tessi Le'Anne, Nathan D. Weller, and Kendra Malcom. They are all super nice and by befriending them, I've been able to find other great people like Grant Mroz and Kelsey Keeton.

PS - Everyone listed in the posts above are awesome, so you should definitely check them out and show them some love by liking their pages and/or buying their books!!

So . . . I decided to start my blog and the rest is turning into history!

Now I know everyone loves a good giveaway . . . my first one ended yesterday and I plan to do another one very soon!

But . . . what are some things that you like to see on a blog. How do you prefer I share my favorite authors, models, books, etc. I'd love to hear your thoughts, so comment below. Again, thank you for all your support! I'm so blessed to have so many friends!!


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