Models I Love - Interview with Kendra Malcom

Photographer: Kelsey Keeton
K Keeton Designs Facebook Page

Once again, I am so happy I can introduce everyone to a beautiful young lady I had the pleasure of meeting at UtopYA this past summer! Now besides Kendra's sweet soul and cheerful attitude, her versatility is amazing! She always, ALWAYS rocks a rad look and it changes from week to week! Hence my excitement when she agreed to do this model interview and share some of her awesome pics with us!

As with all the wonderful models I interview for my blog, their photos help support their livelihood. As such, they are providing their photos for the use on my blog with permission. Please do not copy, use, alter, or otherwise steal these photos. I do not condone photo piracy of models or book piracy of authors in any shape, form, or fashion.

Photographer: Leslie Tucker
Leslie Tucker Photography Facebook Page

If you are an author and think "Hmmm, I think Kendra could be perfect for my next book cover!" then please reach out to her! I'm sure she can provide you with all the information you need regarding stock photos or how to book her for a specific photo shoot! PS - I happen to know she does runway too, so if you are interested in using her for other modeling, be sure to check with her about other modeling jobs she may be able to schedule! You can contact her by e-mail at 

My Interview with Kendra

Me: How long have you been modeling and how did you get your start?

Kendra: I have been modeling since 2012 and I got started with a shoot from a photographer who had faith in me from before I ever started, Mr. Kevin Camp out of Tulsa, OK!

Me: How do you compare shoots for book covers as opposed to, let’s say, runway modeling, in terms of preparation and energy?

Kendra: Book cover shoots are easy as pie when it comes to comparing them to Runway modeling. For the most part for a book cover shoot you come in, spend 15 minutes getting certain images, and then you’re free to go. With Runway modeling you have to walk in sky high heels down a runway and try not to fall (which I’ve done a few times haha) and also have to go to fittings for certain designers clothes that you will be wearing. Both types of shoots have a different energy about them that make them harder in some areas and easier in others. I can tell you from experience I was so nervous I could barely talk when I did my first cover shoot because it was my first time modeling with another person and I had only met the guy five minutes before we were told to get intimately close and have him pin me against the wall! Lol for my first Runway show I was nervous but nothing like that cover shoot! 

Photographer: Kelsey Keeton - K Keeton Designs Facebook Page
Male Model: Matthew Samson
Author: Skye Turner (Facebook Page)

Me: What has been your favorite shoot so far? 

Kendra: My favorite shoot so far would be when I got to be the face of Jafra Cosmetics new fragrance “Navigo Moon” and actually got flown to California and participated in two days of shooting for the fragrance all expenses paid! We went to Santa Monica first and it was absolutely beautiful and the pier was amazing! The second shoot we went to Santa Barbara and went out on a half a million dollar sailboat and shot in the ocean! Those pictures were used in their catalogs that were sent all around the world and I am officially branded with that fragrance for its entire existence!

From: Jafra Cosmetics "Navigo Moon" fragrance catalog
Photographer: Brian Hodges
Makeup Artist: Adrian Villa / Hair: Curt Darling

Me: Any dreams of where you hope your modeling career takes you?

Kendra: Sadly, with all the tattoos and piercings I have my career options are limited with modeling but I am looking forward to submitting some new pictures that I have to some tattoo and alternative modeling magazines and see where that can take me! And of course I hope to be able to be on more books and continue Runway when I can! 

Photographer: Allan Burch - AB Artistry Facebook Page 
Makeup Artist and Hair: Michelle Winslow
Photographer: Kelsey Keeton
K Keeton Designs Facebook Page
Photographer: Allan Burch - AB Artistry Facebook Page 
Makeup Artist and Hair: Michelle Winslow

Me: Who is your biggest supporter and/or inspiration? 

Kendra: My biggest supporters I think are my whole family. I know that probably sounds cliché’ but they really have been behind me in everything I’ve done and tried to pursue with the whole modeling thing. There’s some pictures that some of my family doesn’t agree with but they know it’s just the way it goes and all modeling is, is essentially acting! They definitely cheer me on and help me up when I’m down! 

Photographer: Kevin Camp
Kevin Camp Photography Facebook Page

Me: What is the perfect getaway destination and what would you do there?

Kendra: My perfect getaway destination would be a couple different options. I love Egypt so that would be a definite first place for me. I’d love to see the pyramids and get a chance to go to the library in Cairo to look at all the rich history Egypt has to offer in person! Ireland or Rome would be my close seconds. I have Irish in me so I’d like to see the culture that I, in some part, come from and try to experience how my life could be like. And Rome, well, I think most people would just like to go there period. I love how expansive their history is and would just love to walk through the streets soaking it all in!

Me: Do you enjoy reading and if so, what kinds of books do you really enjoy?

Kendra: I absolutely LOVE reading! It is my favorite thing to do! My grandma owns a bookstore in Oklahoma and I grew up working in it during the summer and every time I go back there I always leave with a handful of books! My favorite genre is Young Adult but really I read a little of everything. Anything supernatural I’m into for sure! I am currently reading the Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward and I’ve loved every book so far! 

Photographer: Michael Rogers of MJR Photography
MJR Photography Facebook Page
Makeup Artist: Michelle Winslow

Me: What is your favorite junk food? 

Kendra: Twizzlers and chocolate are my go-to junk foods! I have a huge sweet tooth! 

Me: If you could work with another model, male or female, who would it be and why? 

Kendra: If I could work with another model I would say Kate Upton. I love how she is not the norm for the industry. She is curvy and flaunts it like no one’s business! I am not stick thin so she is one of the few models I can look at as a realistic goal, if I didn’t have all the tattoos and piercings that is! 

Photographer: Brian DeMintEyeworks Photography Facebook Page
Makeup Artist and Hair: 
Dena DeMint

Me: What is something people would never guess about you?

Kendra: That’s a tough one. I’m a pretty open book! I would have to say if there was one thing someone didn’t know or would never guess about me is that I’m actually an extremely shy and introverted type of person! 

Photographer: Chuck Majors
EPHOTO Facebook Page

Me: Which would you want more: House in the Hamptons or House on the Beach?

Kendra: House on a Beach for sure! I love the water so if I could live somewhere close to any body of water that would be my number one!

Me: If you were not modeling, what is your dream job or is this your ultimate dream job?

Kendra: I am currently in school for Psychology and Criminal Justice! My plan is to either become a counselor for kids that have been through the juvenile system, or be a Prison Psychologist and determine if a prisoner is fit for trial or declare insanity.

From: Jafra Cosmetics "Navigo Moon" fragrance catalog
Photographer: Brian Hodges
Makeup Artist: Adrian Villa / Hair: Curt Darling
Male Model: Math Smith

Thank you so much Kendra for being a guest on my blog today!

I hope everyone reading had as much fun learning about Kendra and viewing her gorgeous photos as I did! If you want to keep in touch with Kendra, feel free to follow her on the following platforms:

And don't forget to reach out to Kendra if you are interested in any of her work!


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