Book Review - "Murderous Muffins" by Lois Lavrisa

Book Overview

From Lois Lavrisa, Kindle Bestselling, Award Wining Author of LIQUID LIES and DYING FOR DINNER ROLLS

"Murderous Muffins is a hit! Lois Lavrisa writes smart, fun page turning fiction." Andrea Domanski, Author of The Omega Group Series

Bezu is a beautiful southern belle with genteel manners. But her problems are anything but. Deep in debt, she's illegally taken in a few lodgers. A sweet stripper and her bodybuilder boyfriend, an Asian man loudly learning English through pop music, and a mysterious stranger with the most amazing blue-green eyes -- and a secret. When one of them mysteriously dies and it looks like her muffins were the murder weapon, Bezu and her fellow Chubby Chicks Club member, Cat, must discover who the killer is before she ends up in jail...or worse. Will they succeed? Find out in Murderous Muffins, book two in the Chubby Chicks Club cozy mystery series.

My Take

(I received a free copy of the audiobook by the narrator for an honest review)

This was a great, cozy mystery. I had such a fun time listening to the audiobook on Audible. This book can be read as a stand alone; however, not having read the first, there were a few story items from the previous book that were not explained in the second. This said, the story points didn't affect the current tale, I just felt like I was missing some information. The story moves along fairly quickly and the cast of characters are awesome! The main character, Bezu is such a fun character and I loved her quirks and quips! The mystery takes a little while to get started, but the introduction to the various players is very entertaining, so I didn't mind the small delay. I kept trying to solve the mystery, but the story keeps you guessing! I definitely recommend if you are looking for a fun mystery.

Overall I give Murderous Muffins:

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