2015 Top Read Book Review - Dark Bishop by Casey L Bond and Rachael Brownell

One of my favorites from 2015!

Dark Bishop

By Casey L Bond and Rachael Brownell

A dangerous game has begun….

“Sydney, order up for table two!”
Who knew the road to Hollywood would be so glamorous. I’ve been working in this diner for months. My feet hurt. My arms ache. But slowly, I’m putting money away. I’ll get to California. I refuse to wind up like my mother.
Head down. Work hard. Save money. It’s all going according to plan, until Jake Bishop walks into the diner…

In his game, everyone’s a pawn…

“Can I get you anything else, gentlemen?” she asked with a smile.
I had to touch her. I had to have her. Girls like Sydney are rare. And I will make her mine—whatever the cost. No one will get in my way.

…and he’s never lost a game.

My Take

When I started reading this book, I didn't quite know where it was going to take me. With a title like Dark Bishop, I knew it would have some good twists and turns. What I didn't know is how much this book would impact me. It was an amazing read that kept me going until the end.

Sydney is your average girl, who unfortunately is very relateable. Living paycheck to paycheck and trying to better herself, she's easily swept up in a new romance with gorgeous and wealthy Jake Bishop. 

Jake, on the other hand, is not your typical guy. He's hiding many secrets and loves to play games with unsuspecting women. Unfortunately for Sydney, she's become the new pawn in his crazy game. 

The end of this book had me saying "What the f*#!" It's a crazy thrill ride that has me hoping the authors will come up with a sequel! (Hint Hint ladies!)

If you like your romance novels with a bit of thrill and darkness, Dark Bishop is a sure fire hit. It will leave you gasping through the last page. 

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Sydney. Her skin felt as soft as it looked. I shouldn’t have touched her, but I couldn’t help myself. I’ve been to New Orleans dozens upon dozens of times. It’s a unique city, filled with tourists and superstition. And until tonight, I’d never been superstitious. 

An old fortuneteller freak stopped me on my way to the shit-hole diner and said I would make a decision that would change my path. She didn’t know that I’d walked the path to this very restaurant before. It had been a few years.

Who knew that the decision to return would be blessed with a beauty—five foot six with curves in all the right mouth-watering places. Clothed in cheap polyester, stained with God knows what, Sydney was a fucking vision.

Blonde hair to her waist. Big brown doe eyes. Tits that were way more than a fucking mouth full. I could almost taste her.

I didn’t miss the rumble of her stomach when I asked her to dine with us. She was hungry. Something that flashed in those eyes told me it wasn’t because she just skipped lunch today. Maybe I could meet some of her needs. Fuck that. I could definitely meet all of her needs, but it was up to her to let me. So, I left her my business card, my number.

Girls like Sydney. They’re afraid. They never make the first move. Most never even make the second. I doubted she would call. I’d tipped her well, not because she was the best waitress I’d ever had, not even because she was within my sites. I tipped her so that when I came back to the diner, she would remember me. She would want to serve me.

And, oh, would she ever serve me. I just had to play my cards right. 

About the Authors

Me, Casey L. Bond, and my sister Kelly at UtopYA2015

Award-winning author Casey Bond resides in West Virginia with her husband and their two beautiful daughters. They have two fur-babies, a cat named Nefertiti and an enormous puppy named Benson. Casey loves to read almost as much as she enjoys writing young adult and new adult fiction. Dystopian is her favorite, but all of her works include a romantic element.

She is the author of the following new adult books: The Sin Series, winner of the 2015 Utopia Award for Best Serial Series, Devil Creek, Shady Bay, Crazy Love and co-author of The Dark Bishop Serial Series.

Her young adult books include the award-winning Harvest Saga (Reap/ Best World Building award in 2014 from IABB), Catalyst, Pariah and Winter Shadows. 

Connect with the Author

Author Website
Amazon Page
Facebook Page

Rachael Brownell is the author of both YA and NA Romance.

Rachael is a midwest girl (yes, they say she has an accent but no, she doesn't hear it) who loves to create amazing stories that tug at your heart strings with book boyfriends that you wish were real. She keeps her storylines realistic - either she's heard about it happening to someone or feels that it could happen in real life. She also likes her characters to be relatable so she tries to give them at least one characteristic that is similar to someone she knows.

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